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Ooooooft things are getting a bit tight

Ooooooft things are getting a bit tight

Well I am the first to admit that August can be a blooming tricky month to stay on track with nutrition and exercise, we get busy with days out, holidays, kids off school etc Add to the fact that we are kind of past the whole ‘I must get summer-ready’ and we can easily lose focus and sack it all off until September, or if we are really struggling, January ;)

I have just started a 3 week challenge with our clients on our private Facebook page. I am joining in too as things are feeling a little tight at the moment. So together we are going to share our meals and the exercise we do, I guess we are making ourselves accountable to each other. By doing it as a group, even an online group, we feel part of something and team work always makes things easier.

So today we are all taking our weight and measurement around our waist and belly button. We will write it down and put it somewhere safe (we wont need it again for a while) Then we are on a 3 week mission. Nowt fancy, as often simple is the most effective

1) 3 healthy meals each day

2) 3 exercise sessions each week

3) 2L water every day

4) Bed by 10pm for a good nights sleep.

But one thing we must do, and this is really important. We are all planning a reward for the end of the 3 weeks, this could be a new haircut, spa visit, massage, new gym top, manicure – anything that you will see as a treat. Now get it booked in to make sure it will happen. After all if we work hard, we will deserve a treat.

Fancy joining us?  If you are finding it a little tricky to stay focused at the moment you could join in the challenge, together we can make it a little easier.

Now I know I cant give you the one on one support our clients get and the FB page is just for clients but it would be great to hear how you do each day, feel free to share your meals and exercise with me via e mails, Id love to see how you are doing.

3 weeks and we could all be 7lbs lighter and lose up to 1.5 inches from our tummy’s.

Let’s do it :)


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