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Our Secret Sauce

Our Secret Sauce

What makes Believe & Achieve different to all the other gyms out there?

Most gyms focus on exercise and nutrition…..or course they do, that’s the main part isn’t it? I don’t think so no.

For me the main struggle that all our ladies have is MOTIVATION or WILL POWER or MIND SET. Whatever you want to call it.

How many of you have started a diet Monday and found your hand in the bottom of the biscuit tin by Wednesday? (Yep, been there done that too)

We flip the whole weight loss journey on its head, yes we give you a nutrition plan, and or course we provide training sessions. But then we have our secret sauce, the stuff that other gyms don’t touch on…….


What if I told you motivation is unimportant and will power is never needed? (Told you we were different!)

We create food plans that dont restrict, dont make you miserable and dont have you feeling like you are missing out. A food plan you can do forever and not have to re-start every Monday morning!

As part of every programme, our ladies get invited to a THINK FIT GET FIT webinar every fortnight where from the comfort of their own homes we help them sort their heads out and guarantee long term success.

This is what creates TRANSFORMATION. Any gym can create change, not many transform your lives for ever.

We offer a free trial session to anyone interested in seeing what we do. Interested? It would be great to hear from you. Just give us a ring on the number on the website.

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