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New 6 Week Online Programme

At Believe & Achieve we are on an absolute mission – we have had enough of seeing fabulous women beat themselves up because they cant stick to a crazy diet. We cant take anymore of all the nonsense and the fads and the yo-yoing.

Losing weight is not hard work

Jumping from diet to diet, comparing ourselves to others, enforcing crazy strict rules, cutting out food groups, spending hours and hours exercising, eating foods we don’t even like, giving up on our social life – that is hard work

It doesn’t have to be this extreme

We see so many ladies starting new strict plans on a Monday, cutting out all the treats, refusing to go out to lunch in case they ‘mess up’. Ladies who still desperately want to lose weight and just keep trying diet after diet. Every year they say, this will be the year so they try harder, and cut more calories, or restrict more foods and still don’t see the results they want.

The frustration this causes is almost painful. It has us beating ourselves up all the time because yet again we ‘failed’ the diet, we still haven’t lost weight, we still hate what we see in the mirror. It all just becomes a horrible cycle of never ending diets.
We are doing things very differently at Believe & Achieve –
>no rules
>no restrictions
>no missing out!

We are showing ladies how small enjoyable changes done CONSISTENTLY not only get you the results you want but also create a life long plan. Imagine

>No more Monday morning diets
>No more counting calories
>No more depriving yourself

Just a clear, simple plan that helps you lose weight and still enjoy life
Food is to be enjoyed, not demonised!!!

But not everyone can get to our gym. So how do we help those who aren’t local to Believe & Achieve?

We have created our super simple 6 week online plan

After years of helping hundreds of ladies we KNOW what works and what doesn’t

This programme is our opportunity to share this information with hundreds more ladies and I am so excited to get it out there!

Who is this for?

This is really simple, I have aimed this programme at ladies who:

1) Don’t currently have an exercise routine
2) Ladies who jump from diet to diet never seeing any results

What do you get?

It is broken down in to 3 main principles, all of which are needed to successfully lose weight and KEEP IT OFF
1) MIND SET- small techniques and strategies to implement over 6 weeks that when done consistently makes HUGE changes to your motivation so this becomes a life long plan
2) NUTRITION – we will be sharing our 80/20 plan that has helped hundreds of ladies drop dress sizes while still enjoying wine, chocolate and treats. No food is banned meaning this plan can lead to lifelong results
3) EXERCISE – no gym, no equipment needed

Direct access to me is included through our Community Facebook Group where you can post any questions you have and I’m ready to help.
**Please note - The exercise element is for beginners – if you are already exercising this part wont be for you (although extra never does any harm) But I do know that the mind set and nutrition part can help everyone!**

If you are ready to start making small enjoyable changes that will lead to lifelong habits then this is a great plan for you

Claire x