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So much for my sun lounger and cocktails

So much for my sun lounger and cocktails

So I am technically on holiday this week, there are no Buddy Up Sessions as we have finished August and our next 4 week block starts 1st September. The plan was to have a complete week off somewhere hot and sunny before the run up to Christmas but with fostering a dog, improving systems at the studio and wanting to improve my marketing skills it hasn’t happened.

Would I like to be lying on a sun longer sipping an exotic cocktail right now? Too right. But plans change and although I am a slight shade of green when I see everyone sunning themselves on Facebook there has a big bonus to me not having a total week off.

You see most weeks my main work is personal training, making sure sessions are planned and organised for all our lovely ladies. Now that I am not thinking so much about that my mind has been free to think of other things, new ideas for developing our studio and Believe & Achieve. And once I started I couldn’t stop!

Here is what I have come up with so far that will happen at some point in the very near future

1) Ordering Grass fed meat on behalf of our clients to ensure they have access to high quality produce.

2) Stock hard to find health products for example Sprouted Wheat Bread, Linseed, Coconut Water

3) Arrange more social events (We are off to the Dogs Oct 25th)

4) Water & towel provided for every client every session

5) Goody Bag for every client on their first booking

6) Vision Cards – enabling every client to get clear on their goal and their focus


And that is just 2 days in to my ‘holiday’

My mission is to make Believe & Achieve the best gym in Sheffield and help our clients achieve the amazing results they deserve. This is so exciting for me.

If you are struggling with ideas, having writer’s block or feel you are in a rut, sometimes just a bit of time out can have a massive impact. We often expect too much of ourselves, we expect to just keep going and going without any time to relax and think things over and we still expect to do better and better. Stop! We all need time out.

So there may be no sun lounger, cocktails or even sunshine but I still feel like I am having a pretty brilliant holiday.  Who knows what else I will have come up with by the end of the week!


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