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Sometimes it’s better to take the scenic route

Sometimes it’s better to take the scenic route

There is a Chinese story of an old farmer who had an old horse for tilling his fields. One day the horse escaped into the hills and, when all the farmer’s neighbours sympathised with the old man over his bad luck, the farmer replied, ‘Bad luck? Good luck? Who knows?’

A week later the horse returned with a herd of wild horses from the hills and this time the neighbours congratulated the farmer on his good luck. His reply was, ‘Good luck? Bad luck? Who knows?’

Then, when the farmer’s son was attempted to tame one of the wild horses, he fell off its back and broke his leg. Everyone thought this very bad luck. Not the farmer, whose only reaction was, ‘Bad luck? Good luck? Who knows?’

Some weeks later the army marched into the village and conscripted every able-bodied youth they found there. When they saw the farmer’s son with his broken leg they let him off. Now was that good luck? Bad luck? Who knows?



You see I don’t actually believe in luck good or bad. I believe in positive thoughts, hard work and determination. When those 3 are applied to any situation I truly believe that things turn out as they are meant to be. Does it always go according to plan? Course not. That would make life far too easy!!

I once had my heart set on a job on a children’s weight loss camp, I had it all planned out……I would do that job for the summer, get a ton of experience that would lead to more work helping children and obesity. Guess what? I didn’t get the job, I was gutted. I sulked for a couple of days (nowt wrong with a good sulk every so often as long as it doesn’t last too long) Then I started looking for alternatives, I ended up starting the Believe & Achieve Retreats (which are now awarding winning don’t you know!)

You see, even though things didn’t work out as planned they actually worked out better :)

People with clear goals don’t have easy paths, but they are prepared for any bumps in the road and they are ready to find alternative routes to  their final destination. What are your goals? Are they clear, focused, time limited? Most importantly are they written down?

One of the first things we do with our clients is identify what they goals are. Once we get focused on that then anything is possible at the B&A Studio:)


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