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The Circle Of Progress

The Circle Of Progress

Keeping it simple today with this brilliant diagram. I didn’t invent it so can’t claim the credit! Read it somewhere but can’t remember who, where or what?!

Anyway this sums up perfectly why most people fail/give up/settle when trying to make changes….

Here’s how it generally goes…..

We get an urge to change something
We are all fired up and get new ideas/advice/plan/instructions
This changes our behaviour and makes us do new things
We see progress……hurrah

Then guess what….we get stuck

This is totally normal

But most people take this as a sign

I knew it wouldn’t work
It never happens for me
I’m too old/big/daft/young/skint/tired….. Blah blah

And they give up.

The successful people are the ones that continue the cycle.

Smart people realise it’s just an obstacle, just a bump in the road so let’s find a way round it

They tackle the stuckness head on and ask “What can I do to get over this?”

More new info is needed, another shift in behaviour and guess what?! More progress is made

But then don’t be surprised when you get stuck again

This is life ladies and gents and if you are aware of this cycle and prepared to work with it then that is the key to success.


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