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The End Of Emotional Eating

The End Of Emotional Eating

Ever found yourself dreaming about food? Thinking about what you are going to have for tea even when you are still having dinner? Lifting your fork ready for the next mouth full before you have even swallowed the previous one? Getting excited about the treats in the staffroom?

Why do some foods seem to have such a strong magical pull on us? Why do some foods create a battle in our head of “I want” and “I shouldn’t”

We find ourselves doing what we know we don’t want to do! We cant stop eating even though we know it will leave us feeling fed up, guilty and rubbish.

It can all feel a bit out of control.

Some foods seem to have a power over us that means it is in our thoughts all the time.

Now lets not be naïve here, its not all our fault. The food industry are blood brilliant at playing on our weaknesses, at tempting us with all the foods we know don’t serve us. And they have spent millions on marketing deliberately targeting us and keeping their profits high.

But its not all food is it? Ever dream about eating an apple? Me neither.

The foods we are talking about are high-fat and high sugar and in the right combination these are incredibly difficult to say no to. Why? Because the stimulating effects produced by eating these foods can relieve pain calm us down and in the short term make us feel good.

We are then in a cycle – eating these foods makes us feel good, we start to feel a bit rubbish, so we want more of these foods, we feel a bit rubbish, we want more of these foods, this makes us feel good,…….. and so it continues

So what do we do?

One way is to just avoid temptation and potentially tricky situations altogether ie don’t have crisps or biscuits on the house, take your own lunch to work. But if you want a life this isnt always possible. If only life was that simple.

To truly succeed you will need to be able to use a variety of other strategies and then you need to practise them so they become habits.

More in the next post x

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