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The key to weight loss

The key to weight loss

If there was one thing I would say is the key to weight loss it would be PLANNING & PREPARATION

I work closely with dozens of women every week and I can tell which ones will have a ‘good’ week by Monday. I would love to say it is my psychic abilities but it is much more straight forward than that.  The success stories come from the ladies who have a clear meal plan for the week and who have prepared their food in advance. So if I see on Facebook that someone has spent Sunday morning cooking batches of soup, quiche, shepherds pie and our courgette and butternut squash curry. I know that they are ready for the week ahead and will stay focused on their nutrition.

I know it can seem like a hassle to spend a day in the kitchen but it will save you so much time in the long run and also gives you a far greater chance of success.

Imagine this…..you have had a really crappy day at work, you are fed up and starving hungry. Now if you have planned ahead you will know you are going home to a portion of chilli or chicken casserole and rather than a grabbing some unhealthy food in an attempt to feel better,  you will cheer yourself up with a bubble bath and Celebrity Big Brother :)

BUT if you have no food in the house, you have a couple of options
1) Get a take away on the way home and as you have had a pants day it can be very easy to talk yourself in to this ‘treat’
2) You have to go to the supermarket on your way home meaning you have the trauma of walking round the shop trying to avoid the ‘naughty’ food that feels like is screaming your name. And after a bad day it takes some epic will power not to drop a treat or two in to that trolley.

By not being prepared you are making life a lot harder than it needs to be. Yes, cooking for a few hours is a pain but it will make life easier and more successful in the long run.

I’m not saying that people who are prepared never get tempted and never have cravings but they are less likely to give in to them when they make an appearance. I am all for making life as easy as possible.

Planning & preparation. Once you have this sorted everything just becomes so much easier.



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