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The Results Are In

The Results Are In

I just wanted to share a recent success story form one of our clients.

Sarah joined us for 8 weeks and you can see her results are bloody brilliant!

13cm or 5 inches form her waist in 8 weeks!  So chuffed for her :)

I also wanted to share a snippet from her email to us

It has been a blast. I can’t speak highly enough of Hayley! Totally awesome! I don’t know how many times she has demonstrated the right posture for deadlifting to me! She has boundless patience! She has been great. Danielle also fab, and equally mean!!!! (In the best way possible).

Thanks so much for everything. Keep on saving us from despair!!

See you in 2017

This e mail made my day, because yes the results are important, of course they are. But what I am most proud of is how we make every lady feel welcome at our gym and we provide such a high quality personal service to everyone. Our staff look after each and everyone one of our clients as if you were a personal training client, but we offer it at a fraction of the price.


Believe & Achieve

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