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There is no such thing as good food and naughty food

There is no such thing as good food and naughty food

After working in the health industry for many years one thing I realise never ever works is extremes, you know the kind I mean….

“This week I am just eating a grapefruit each meal”
“Im on a juice fast”
“Nothing but cabbage and water for me please”

We have all been there, well maybe not the cabbage one.

The problem with this is it is far too extreme, it cannot be maintained and it is just setting us up for future failure.

We need to get out of the mindset of good and bad food. Food is fuel, some of it will take you closer to your desired goal some will take you further away.

We need to find balance. A balance that allows us to stop food ruling our lives
“Can I have this?”
“I should be having that”
“What if I just have this”

It becomes a never ending battle in our heads and its hard chuffing work. We need to stop this ladies. Food should be an enjoyment not a hassle.

To me a good food plan contains the following
• Tasty meals
• Nutrient dense
• Easy to make
• Easy to bulk cook
• Doesn’t break the bank
• Allows for a social life

Anything other than the above and it will be hard work. Im all for making life as easy as possible!

The less time I spend thinking about food, the more time I have to think about important things such as Channing Tatum. Naked

Claire x
The Feel Fab Coach

Sheffield Personal Trainer


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