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Tick Tock Tick Tock

Tick Tock Tick Tock

What if I told you I could unlock an extra 10 hours in your week ?

Sound like a pipe dream?

It’s not.

President Eisenhower discovered a clever trick he used to chop down to-do’s like a lumberjack with an axe.

Meet the Decision Making Matrix.

It goes like this:

You draw a box, cut into four smaller squares.

Above your box, write IMPORTANT

To the left of the box, write URGENT

Here’s where it gets interesting:

Now you have four boxes…

1 – urgent and important

2 – urgent not important

3 – important not urgent

4 – not important not urgent

Guess what?


Everything you’ve ever done, and will ever do, falls into one of these 4 boxes


This is huge.

You see, the problem is, most folks don’t make time for box 3. Important but not urgent


This is stuff like:

1. your passions

2. playing with your kids

3. going for a hike at sunrise


You don’t have a deadline on this stuff -

…so for most people, it never happens.

The real question, then, is…


How important is getting an amazing body to you?


If it matters a lot to you, then go to bed an hour earlier.

Say no to meetings.

Leave a few emails unanswered.

When you finally have a hot bod – you’ll be glad you did.


Have a great day :)
Claire xx
The Food, Fitness & Female Fabulousness Coach


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