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Time To Be More Nellie

Time To Be More Nellie

The favourite part of my day are the dog walks with Nellie Noo.

We have a few field at the end of my road that are always pretty quiet so I can let her off and she has a good run around on her teeny tiny legs

One of her fave things is to chase birds. We have a few magpies and there are also the swallows skimming close to the ground.

She spots one…and she is off. Even when the bird has taken off she still keeps going a fair while.

She hasn’t a hope in hell of ever catching one. But she tries every single day.

I cant figure out if she honestly thinks that one time she will catch one, or if it is just a bit of fun trying.

Either way, she keeps doing it and either way she loves it.

Often we give up on stuff cos the outcome isn’t going to be what we want/expect.

Maybe we should be more Nellie and just enjoy the moment and stop worrying about what will or wont happen.

Have a great day :)


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