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Time to relax and unwind

Time to relax and unwind

Things are about to get hectic ladies, if we are not careful the Christmas craziness takes over and we end up more frazzled after this holiday than before. We need to make sure we take some time out so we can keep our sanity! This detox bath is a great way to unwind.
While the bath is running rub your body with a skin brush to help stimulate your lymphatic system helping to release toxins.  Add magnesium flakes or Epsom salts to your water. Soaking in magnesium flakes  helps the body release toxins and absorb magnesium which can help us absorb more calcium, relaxes muscles and can even beat chocolate cravings. It will also give you an amazing night’s sleep.
For extra cleansing add 1-­‐2 cups of baking soda
Ground ginger- this is great if you are suffering from a cold or even the flu. It can increase your heat levels helping you to sweat out toxins.  Anything from 1 tbsp to 3 cups depending on your sensitivity to heat. If you wrap up warm straight after the bath you can continue to detox
Add aromatherapy oils and choose an oil depending on your needs
Ylang Ylang or Jasmine - are stimulants and aphrodisiacs that uplift your mood while soothing your body.
Rose - calming but gently uplifting and it helps with anxiety or nervous tension
Cedarwood, Sandalwood or Rosewood -Any oils that come from tree bark are incredibly soothing and grounding
Neroli - calms the mind and uplifts the spirit. Neroli is a gentle sedative that encourages sleep and reduces anxiety
Lavender- Known as the quintessential oil for calm, and a favourite for night-time baths and treatment of insomnia. Lavender also supports damaged, stressed or irritated skin
Take plenty of time to enjoy and soaks. You will start sweating within the first few minutes but be careful you don’t get too hot – this should be relaxing not hard work!
Add candles to the room and use a bath pillow for extra comfort and relaxation.
Once finished be careful getting out as you may feel light headed as believe it or not you have been working hard detoxing! Drink lots of water to keep flushing out toxins.
To get the most out of this make sure you can relax all evening and even have an early night. Wrap up warm and enjoy a restful evening.
So stock up on the ingredients and make sure you find some time to relax and unwind. Enjoy :)


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