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Tuesday Day 9

Tuesday Day 9

Breakfast: Power shake

Dinner: spinach omlette

Tea: Grilled chicken & salad

Snacks: Slice sprouted wheat bread

Exercise: 90 minute dog walk & Tabata

Daily Affirmation: I am glowing with health and wholeness

Finally back to normal! Great nights sleep last night and nice to wake up feeling good again. Still feeling bloated though and its so obvious that Saturday undid all my god work from last week.

You see your liver is your prime fat burning organ, it also has the job of eliminating toxins from the body. So problems begin when we drink alcohol as the liver sees it as a toxin, and I guess the liver is a bit like a man in the fact that it can’t multi task ;) So as soon the liver detects alcohol it stops fat burning and deals with the toxins. Only when all toxins are removed does fat burning begin once again.

With that in mid you can see why regular drinking can hinder any weight loss. But that’s me done for a while, now back on track.

Last full day with Oscar tomorrow, going to make sure I make the most of our walk x


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