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Breakfast: Buckwheat Granola

Dinner: Grilled salmon & Courgette Noodle Stir fry   shepherd's pie

Tea: Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie & Greens

Snacks: Banana

Exercise: None

Daily Affirmation: Life is good

On a mission at the moment to get photos of all the meals in our clients nutrition manual so I am doing LOTS of cooking at the moment, great for variety but I cant just shove stuff on the plate anymore! Presentation is key

My shepherd’s pie was bob on today and I love it when there is enough left for a couple more meals, makes life nice and easy.

I had a go at making a healthy nut slice today but bad news is it just crumbled, the good news is it will make a cracking cereal. There’s always a bright side.

No exercise today but I will make up for it tomorrow with a weight work out.


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