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What Is Your Weight Loss Gremlin? Part 1

What Is Your Weight Loss Gremlin? Part 1

What do I mean by that? A Gremlin is a nasty little bugger that causes chaos and mayhem. We all have them. They are our negative thoughts we have built up over time that take over our heads and really knock us off track.

They can show up in all areas of life but we are going to focus on the weight loss ones.

For example

-          It never works

-          I will always be fat

-          I am too old

-          I have never been good at exercise

-          I’ll just put it all back on again

-          I cant eat healthy the cravings will be too much

-          I have no will power/motivation

These are common gremlins for many ladies who have tried to lose weight. And if we let them they can take over our whole brain and before we know it they win and we fail ……. Again.

We are going to squash those Gremlins this month.

If we choose to not let them win, then they wont. But you can only beat something once you know what it is.

So your task this week is to list YOUR WEIGHT LOSS GREMLINS.

You don’t have to share (although you are very welcome to) but write your list of what gremlins usually show up and once we have that list I will show you have to squash the little feckers.

If you don’t do this….. they is a good chance the gremlin will win this year again.

Part 2 coming Tomorrow


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