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What Is Your Weight Loss Gremlin Part 2

What Is Your Weight Loss Gremlin Part 2

So did you figure out your weight loss Gremlin?

If you did you have taken a massive step forward in winning this game and this post will show you how we squash that little fecker.
So lets take an example, and say Client A has struggled with her weight for years. Done every diet out there and it’s a constant battle. (Sound familiar?!)
So her Gremlins are
- It’ll never work

These are the STORIES that she has built up over the years and now go round and round in her head. These stories cause a lot of discomfort and unhappiness, and the natural human response to that is BLAME
- Its not my fault Im big boned
- Diets never work
- Im too busy at work
- My family don’t support me
- That juice/plan/pill was a con
- I don’t have time
- I cant afford it

It moves the responsibility and the problem away from her cos its not her fault, right? This can ease the discomfort for a while but nothing ever changes. And actually she still is pretty unhappy.

So how do we deal with this?

The first thing you need to do is share your Gremlin (also known as vulnerability) with others. Studies show that as soon as the vulnerability is spoken out loud is dissipates by 80% because straight away we can hear how untrue it is

Eg Diets never work……..be honest, they do and I am sure you can think of 10 examples off the top of your head of people who have lost weight on a diet.

So immediately we have to check ourselves and think, really? Where is the evidence that that is in fact true?

What about the other 20%? This requires EMPATHY. When you share your Gremlin or your vulnerability you need to be met with empathy from someone who gets it and is on your side. The ‘Oh don’t be daft you look fantastic’ response is nice but serves no purpose, cos straight away you dismiss it.

But if you chat to someone who says “You know what sometimes I feel the same, lets chat about it” The this gives us the opportunity to unravel the story and look at it logically rather than emotionally.

And the best part about sharing your story is that you then own it. And when you own your story YOU get to choose how the story ends.
Break the cycle
1) Identify your Gremlin
2) Say it out loud
3) Talk to someone who gets it
4) Choose to change your story

And by changing it, I don’t expect you to come skipping in to the gym claiming to be amazing, awesome and fantastic (although brilliant if you do!) ……… I mean stop the story in its tracks and respond……

“Im taking it one step at a time and every day I am doing something to better my health. I will get there. I will have a happy ending.”

Small changes done consistently = huge long term changes

Claire xx
Believe & Achieve


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