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What we can learn from the TV show Miranda

What we can learn from the TV show Miranda

The TV show Miranda finished at New Year after 5 years of being on our screens.  As it was showing I spotted a few friends commenting on facebook not willing to hide their true feelings
“I hate Miranda” pretty much summed up on one side with
“Absolutely gutted Miranda has finished, best thing on TV by a mile” on the other
It has always amazed me the extreme opinions this show has created, it really has been Marmite TV.
The Daily Mail (I know I know….sorry) but The Daily Mail actually gave it 5 stars and said it was perfect slapstick comedy that we would still enjoy in re-runs in 50 year’s time. My friend said she would rather pour malt vinegar in her eyes…..each to their own ey?
What has this got to do with you? Me? I guess it highlights perfectly how we will never please everyone. So many of us (yes me included) try to keep everyone happy. We hope everyone likes us and worry and whittle  when we think they don’t.
What I have come to realise is people-pleasing is an exhausting activity that can be pretty  stressful  and a task you will never ‘win’ so why even try?
Go all out and show the quirky (interesting), strange (unique), or awkward (special) things about your, because this is precisely what makes you the wonderful individual you are.
Some will like it, others wont and that is just fine.

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