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Why Cold Feet Have Got It Right

Why Cold Feet Have Got It Right

Have you been watching the new series? I love it. It is like they have never been away :)

It is great to see them back on the screens and it does make me laugh. But I also think the Pete story is very relatable to most people.

Not everyone suffers from depression but Id bet my bottom dollar that as we get older most of us have had the thoughts

“Is this it?”

That moment where you kind of realise you aren’t going to be plucked from obscurity in to the lime light to be a Hollywood star, you aren’t going to be performing at the MTV awards or playing for England……

Im getting carried away I know.  But you get the idea, we sometimes look at life and can feel a bit flat with how things have turned out.

This can often be because we have lost our BALANCE

Not so long ago my life was all about work – its all I did and all I thought about. There was nothing else and it stressed me out. No wonder I felt flat!

So how do we get more balance?

I have recently re-read ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ (A great self-help book by Susan Jeffers but be warned the first time I read it I left m

teaching job of 12 years!)

Susan talks about the whole Life grid.

9 boxes, each with an important element of your life, for example, here’s mine

  • Family
  • Work
  • Relationship
  • Friends
  • Personal Growth
  • Contribution
  • Me Time
  • Health

Now when I put these in a grid my life looks more full, yeah work is still there but its not my EVERYTHING!

Throughout a week you have to dedicate some time to all the boxes.

But here is the real trick to make it work……….when you are working on  section, not matter which one it is


>So when you are with your family, no talking about work

>When you are at work no messing about on Facebook

>When you are enjoying your me-time no quickly running an errand.

This trick will not only enhance your life and help you see how full it is, but it will also help you to enjoy all the areas.

Its all about BALANCE.  Sound possible? Why not create your own grid this weekend and see how full your life is and start finding your balance


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