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Why Do We Do it To Ourselves?

Why Do We Do it To Ourselves?

The other evening I saw a friend who I hadn’t seen in a while.


She said “You look different”


My immediate response “What older?!”


I hardly had time to think about it. The negative comment about myself literally fell out of my mouth.

Why do we do that?


Why are we always so keen to bat away the attention form ourselves, to not allow anyone to say anything potentially nice about us?


We wouldn’t speak to friends like this so why is it ok to say it to ourselves?


Here is a challenge for the next 7 days.


When someone says something nice to you just say……….THANK YOU and smile.


No dismissing it

“What this old thing? I’ve had it years”


No insulting the complimentee

“Something must be wrong with your eyesight!”


No throwing a compliment straight back at them to deflect it

“You are far thinner than me, I’d love your flat stomach”


Just say Thank You and smile.


I bet it will be harder than you think! But difficult and impossible are two very different things.


I’d love to hear how you get on


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  • Lisa says:

    Ha “What, this old thing” is such a classic as is “I’ve had it ages, it was a bargain!” This really made me smile and is a completely brilliant challenge. I’m going for it!

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