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Why I could have cried while getting ready to go out

Why I could have cried while getting ready to go out

So I want to share something with you today. I have been in the fitness industry since around 2011/2012 and it all started off as a bit of fun because I loved exercise. I loved finding out more about how to challenge the body, the effects of food and I loved getting fitter and stronger.


When I opened the gym in November 2013 it stopped being a hobby and it became serious. It was my livelihood – cue stress, money worries and pressure.


That stress hasn’t stopped in 3 years. Yes we have grown, but to grow you have to spend more money – its business and I am slowly making peace with that.


But like a lot of other women when I get stressed I comfort eat and comfort drink, (and we all know I aint talking about cups of tea!)


Its hard to break that cycle.


I went out for lunch on Saturday 29th October and in all honesty I could have sobbed getting ready. Nothing felt good, everything was tight and uncomfortable. The whole time I was out all I kept thinking was I couldn’t wait to get home to get out of these clothes and in to my pyjamas where I would feel more comfortable.


And guess what, I got home and I ate and I drank cos I felt so fed up.


But something changed on the Sunday. I think I felt so crap that something snapped and I committed to making real changes. Im 42 and still single – I am on the verge of  becoming a hermit and if I carry on like above ^^^^^^ that is exactly what will happen.


I don’t want that.


So on the Sunday I did what I have told hundreds of ladies to do over the years – I got my exercise sessions booked in, I planned my meals, I organised my shopping list and I got ready to make changes and feel better.


One week later I feel like a different person. I can tell my body is already healthier, I am sleeping better and feeling so much more positive and my clothes are definitely not quite as tight!


So much so that I couldn’t wait to jump on the scales first thing this morning (yeah I know I grew up with weight being the thing and still get hooked on it)


The result. 1lb. One chuffing pound……I can poop a pound!


I couldnt believe it!


But fortunately I also take my measures and I have already gone done 3cm on my waist and 5cm on my stomach.


Now if I was just interested in weight Id being thinking sod this – bring back the wine, the crisps and the chocolate. But I know my body and I know it is on the road to recovery.


I wanted to share because I get it! And I own a gym so its even more embarrassing for me. Im a personal trainer so I should be super fit and happy right? Far from it


But I am out again for a friends birthday on 12th November and I am determined to feel better about myself. I am determined to feel happy when getting ready and feel good about being out.


I refuse to become a hermit!


So I have another week with exercise booked in, meals planned and a alcohol free weekend.


All we can do is just keep taking it a day at a time ladies. And yeah I may get to this time next week and have only lost another lb BUT if I am feeling better and that tape measure keeps moving then Ill be more than happy.


One day at a time ladies, we’ll get there and if you would like a bit of support then please get in touch. We can help you feel better too


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