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Why Our Meal Plan Includes Wine & Cheesecake

Why Our Meal Plan Includes Wine & Cheesecake

There is no nutrition plan at B&A. I do provide all our clients with 4 weeks worth of recipes that I enjoy and that I know make me feel good. But there is no longer a ‘You will eat this plan’

Why? Because as soon as you put in any restrictions you have ensured failure. Yeah you may make some changes for 4 weeks, 12 weeks even 6 months but if it is so tough or so restrictive that you go back to your old ways then it is not a successful eating plan.

We do long term transformation and not short term change. We help our ladies stop yo-yo dieting, stop cravings and stop feeling guilty!

How do we do this? By looking at 3 key questions

1) Is there happiness in the build-up and preparation of this meal?

2) Is there happiness in the eating of this meal?

3) Is there happiness after eating the meal?

If you can answer YES to these 3 questions then congratulations, you have found a nutrition plan that works for you.

You see many of us may get excited about eating a pizza, and really enjoy eating the pizza but afterwards face guilt, shame, bloating, and unhappiness. That is not a great meal plan.

Many may feel happy after just eating 1 lettuce leaf but there was no excitement in the preparation and certainly no enjoyment when eating.

That will never lead to long term transformation.

We need to develop a love for food, a love for eating and a love for nourishing our bodies.

These are the 3 questions we should ask ourselves every time we plan to eat.

It works because we are coming at it from a place of responsibility, logic and self-respect. And do you know what, if one day one of our clients wants a glass of wine and a slice of cheesecake they ask the same questions and if they can do so without any guilt or self-disappointment then I tell them to make damn sure they have the best glass of wine and the tastiest piece of cheesecake you can find!

Restrictions will never ever work long term. Love food, love preparing it, love sharing, love eating and love feeling great afterwards. That is the key to a healthy and happy life.

You deserve to be happy and your body deserves to be healthy. Take responsibility for these 3 questions and both will be achieved. This is your journey ladies, make it a good one.


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