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Why the diet you started yesterday will probably fail

Why the diet you started yesterday will probably fail

If you are anything like me you probably went out for lunch on Saturday, had way more drinks than you planned, woke up Sunday feeling shocking and vowed to “Get back on track this week”
I never learn! (But it was good fun)
But back to this week, Im feeling a little rubbish – tired, bloated and if honest old!
Its so tempting to say that’s it, Im never drinking again, Im restricting my calories, Im only eating cereal or Im going to juice!
The problem with this ^^^ is it is what we call overwhelm. We jump right in to a plan full of restrictions and rules and the problem is these restrictions and rule ARE NOT FUN.
So the plan will NEVER last. Yeah you may manage a week, if you are really determined you may manage a couple of weeks but things that are hard work soon lose their appeal and before you know it old habits are back in place.
It doesn’t have to be this hard.
A healthy nutrition plan should be enjoyable and easy. There shouldn’t be any restrictions, balance is the key.
So rather than cut out all the fun stuff, lets try and just add in a few small changes that when done consistently will become habits
1) Drink a glass of water at every meal
2) Add an extra portion of veg to your evening meal
3) Prepare your lunch the night before and take to work
4) Plan and have breakfast 3 out of 5 days

Just choosing one of the above will benefit your health and once you have that one sorted, then choose another.
Slow and steady wins the race

Claire x


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