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Why you know you really want to lose weight but still cant stick to your plan

Why you know you really want to lose weight but still cant stick to your plan

Getting back on my own health and fitness journey it has really helped me to develop an understanding of how hard it can be. It was a long time since I last had to get in shape and the fact that this time around I am a few years older doesn’t make ti any easier!

One thing that fascinates me is how sometimes it feels like you know EXACTLY what you need to do, why you need to do it, you know it will help you and you know you desperately want to change but you STILL keep on doing things that stop you achieving your goals

Why why why do we do this????!

The thing is, when we start to make any changes in our lives the first thing the brain does is ask

“Am I safe?”

The brain is always asking this question first, even without you realising. It’s what has got you this far in life!

But the brain that feels under threat behaves very differently to a brain that feels safe/

So any goals and dreams that you have set don’t even get a look in before the brain decides that “Yes it is safe” no matter how much you want the goal.

This is how we can say one thing but act differently.

This can then make us feel like we have failed, or we didn’t have enough will power or enough motivation.  When in actual fact your brain realised that these changes are going to threaten your comfortable life so lets just not go there

You see a threat doesn’t have to mean disaster, death and destruction – a threat can just mean being uncomfortable.

I have had to spend a bit of time figuring this out for myself on my own journey back to health, fitness and please God a size 12 hips!

I am fascinated by how the mind works and positive mind set, goal setting, motivation, will power and everything it involves

But even I have ‘Kevin Moments’ Those of you around my age will get that ;)

I get so far and then I start to think “Cant be bothered” – its too hard, its not working, its taking too long” and the shoulder shrug comes in and I think “I cant be bothered anymore, sod it Ill have a take away tonight………. Etc etc

Now my goals are not threatening me with danger, but they are threatening to take me out of my comfort zone or my safe zone.

The fact is the workouts are hard……. Its easier to stay in bed and stay comfy

The fact is the nutrition doesn’t have enough chocolate in it……. Its easier to just pop to the shop and enjoy a Double Decker

Staying unhealthy and over weight is my safe zone – it doesn’t involve any effort

The workouts will hurt, they will be uncomfortable, my muscles will ache, my lungs will think they are going to burst and I will struggle

The cravings will be hard and drive me crazy cos all I can think about is chocolate and Doritos

It is not fun so my brain detects this ‘threat’ and keeps me in my safe zone making the same decisions over and over again. Yeah I may be ‘comfortable’ I may not be in any pain or discomfort – but will I be happy?

So how do I over come this.


1)      I got a trainer because I knew full well I needed someone to push me because if I was working on my own I would give up way before my trainer lets me

2)      I do my workouts in the morning – get them over and done with

3)      I don’t try to do too much – 3 workouts a week is enough and when you put that in perspective, I can do 3 hours out of a whole week

4)      My cardio is dog walks – I love my dog walks so I found a cardio I enjoy NOT dread



1)      I follow the 80/20 rule so I know I can have some treats every week. 100% on-it doesn’t work for me at all.

2)      I make sure I plan healthy meals that I enjoy! Rice crackers? Boring just lettuce salads? Diet food? No thank you. I make healthy tasty meals I look forward to

3)      I use my fitness pal to track my food intake and begin to see what each meal provides in protein, good fats, carbs rather than calories



1)      I refocus every 4 weeks. I have to have short term goals to keep me going

2)      I reward myself at the end of every 4 weeks

3)      I have progress phots taken so its not all about the scales and the stress caused when they don’t move


If you are struggling to achieve goals you know you really really want, you aren’t lacking in will power.  Your brain is feeling uncomfortable with the changes and is trying to keep you safe. Certainty is safe, changes make that wobble!

Your mission is to find a way to lessen this ‘threat’ and make the journey as comfortable as possible.

What could you do to help?

Claire x

Believe & Achieve



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