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Yes we are expensive

Yes we are expensive

I had a Facebook ad running for the last week offering a free session, now I did this as I know joining a gym can be a bit scary and I am so proud of what we do and the results we get, I love people to come and check us out to see how we do it.

But I think the word ‘free’ may have given some people the impression we are cheap. Guys we are not.

We are a Personal Training Studio we provide personal plans made for every individual client that are built around their goals and their lifestyle. We provide full support on nutrition, mind set and training for every client 7 days a week. We are with every client every step of the way.

We help ladies stop bloating, stop cravings, stop beating themselves up, stop buying bigger and bigger clothes, stop yo-yo dieting, in fact stop dieting full stop! We transform lives and lifestyles.

We are the people you go to when you want to sort your health and fitness out once and for all. We dont mess about. People come to us and they succeed. End of.

That kind of support and results don’t come cheap and dont come quick. Our minimum programme is 12 weeks and our cheapest programme is £549. But look, if that is not for you then no problem.

Sorry for any confusion but ‘best’ and ‘cheapest’ can never be in the same sentence.

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