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You Have To Stretch That Comfort Zone If You Want Things To Change

You Have To Stretch That Comfort Zone If You Want Things To Change

This morning I went networking to the rather lovely Copthorne Hotel in Sheffield (apologies to any Owls!) . It was well out of my comfort zone, fortunately I saw a few people I already know so it was lovely to see some friendly faces.

But I still had to stand up and introduce myself and my business.
It was still out of my comfort zone

Would I have rather stayed in bed? Yes
Would I rather have been tucked away in my office? Yes
Would I rather have been teaching at the gym? Definitely

But as great as all those are ^^^^ they don’t get me new clients, they don’t help other fabulous ladies find out about what we do.

If you something different you have to do things differently – so I did it.

And actually it wasn’t too bad, would I choose to do public speaking like that every day? Hell no. But I did it and I survived and next time will be a little bit easier.

Is there something you would like to try but are nervous about? Is there something you could do to make your life a little better/more profitable/interesting/exciting?

Maybe its time to do it?

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